Artifical Intelligence may offer solutions for increasing efficiency and traceability in manufacturing and retail. What does this mean for sustainability in Fashion?

The Robots are coming

It’s no secret robots are being utilised in ways which had previously been dreamt of in Sci Fi films and novels. Many industries are seeing the advantage of introducing AI into streamlining their workforce or improving their consumer products. And now Fashion is catching on.  In Hong Kong, a collaboration between China-based retailing giant, Fung Group, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, they are using AI to hack the manufacturing process everything from sewing, cutting and mixing chemicals and communication between these functions. AI has also been used by Amazon in San Fransisco to create designs from popular images. Innovation using  AI could mean more increased efficiency from design, manufacturing and retail, which could mean less waste, less harm to factory workers and targeted selling.


Human impact

AI will no doubt change the face of the workforce and in many cases using AI could solve some very big problems and pain points. However, it’s up to the humans that create the technology to do so responsibly to avoid negative implications and maintain a high standard of ethics.


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