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Every RucheSet crowdfunding campaign should have the following:

  1. A project page with a video and description that clearly explain the story behind your project.
  2. Rewards that backers will receive when the project is completed.
  3. Updates that share the creative journey as the project comes to life.

Getting Started

Tell your story

Once upon a time…

Who are you and what is your mission? Introduce yourself, be brave! Highlight your team members and any relevant work you have done. What is your mission and what does it mean to you? What is your project you are raising money for? Give as much detail as possible. Clearly state your timeline and schedule for completion. Be transparent about your budget, a simple overview will help gain the trust of backers, so they know where their money is going. Visuals help tell your story, get creative!

Pitch-ure Perfect

Enhance your pitch with a video

Illustrate your ambitions with strong imagery and video content! Compelling content will make your story stand out in the minds of your backers. Adding subtitles to your video will help your message transcend language and sound barriers. Don’t worry if you aren’t super confident in front of the camera, practice a few times in the mirror or with a friend and keep it short and sweet, 1 min is best! Check out some good tips on structure and what to include in your video here:


Help people share in your project by offering a reward for their support. Think about what you would like to offer by tiering your rewards with the amount pledged. Some people might want to support you at $1 or $100 so create rewards for different budgets. and remember you will need to create and deliver these rewards to your backers, so ensure its something feasible for you. Rewards can be digital or physical, it could be a tote bag, t-shirt, digital book, a piece from your collection, stickers, or an invitation to your studio.

Itemise or limit your rewards

Give titles to your reward tiers, clearly list out what you’re offering, and specify exact quantities.

Estimate delivery dates

For each reward give your best estimate of a delivery date you are confident to hit. Give yourself a generous amount of time, to avoid delays and disappointments.


Factor in shipping costs and locations you can ship to. This needs to be specified for each reward tier and included in the pledge.

Follow up!

Once you have been successfully backed, you will need to manage the reward process and follow up with your backers to send out their rewards.


RucheSet uses all or nothing funding model. Your project needs to be 100% funded to be successful. If you don’t reach your goal, no money is collected or exchanged.
Your funding goal should be the minimum amount you need to make what you promised and fulfill all rewards. The first step to is figuring out a budget.


Write down all your planned expenses to for your project, end to end.

Consider your reach

Consider who will fund you. Family, friends, customers, community members? How big is your network?


Consider all your costs, the platform charges a 6% service fee and you will want a buffer to cover your payment processing fees, tax, unexpected costs/emergencies.


Your funding period should run for 30 days, these are the most successful and gives you enough time to spread the word and keep momentum and excitement.


Getting your message to your online and offline, new and existing community is crucial. We want you to spread your wisdom and get the community as excited as you! Here are some tips:

Plan your outreach

1. Organise your contact list, i.e your personal and professional network, friends of friends. Target people who have shared values and interests, make a list of blogs, forums, facebook groups etc.
2. Prepare your ‘message’ have your pitch and language ready.
3. Get your content plan ready for updates, emails and social.

Spread the word

Once your project is live, announce your project to your friends, family, and community. Be considerate but effective, crafting personal and authentic communication helps your message resonate. Remember you need to keep momentum for the duration of your project so try not to overwhelm people.

Pitch it

Be strategic and find out the relevant press contacts and publishers for your project.
For example start by researching via google or social media publications or journalists that are interested in responsible fashion, environment, tech, startups etc. Also, think about any local press you can reach out to like the local paper or radio, they would love to hear about the good work you are doing for your community.

How to Pitch Your Project
If you’re getting in touch with the press, make sure to include the essentials: who, what, where, when, and why. People appreciate concise messages that respect their time and give them exactly the information they need. Put yourself in their shoes, and tell them why your idea is worth covering. Some tips to remember:


It’s a great way to contact journalists.

Stay focused

Reach out only to people and sources you know to be interested in topics like yours.


Offer up yourself and prominent project members for interviews


Be ready to share content on your project, images, samples, video.

Schedule and timing

Think about when press coverage will best impact your project? and how much time will the media outlet need to prepare coverage before publishing?

Respect and Courtesy

Be considerate and polite when contacting people, if you are not there may be a negative impact.

Communicating with Backers

Communication with backers throughout your project is crucial.
Keep them informed of your progress with regular, insightful, and honest updates. Don’t be hesitant to communicate delays. If you are silent, backers could feel out of the loop!


Keep a regular update schedule for consistent communication with backers. These updates should be engaging, informative and shareable. Ask them to share with their friends.
Give your backers unique insight on your process by sharing details on how you are making the rewards for them.

Flexible format

It’s up to you. Creating a template helps to keep your communication consistent.
Updates can be text only or include images, video. Post your update for public viewing or for backers only.


Stay on top of messages and comments from your backers by responding as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for recurring questions to include in your next update.


The execution of all your hard work depends on smooth fulfilment of your project and delivery of your rewards to your backers.

Planning and budgeting is the backbone of successful fulfillment

Once your project is successfully funded collect information from backers i.e their shipping addresses, sizes, choices of colors, or anything relevant to getting them their rewards.

Use your dashboard to manage orders with easy export function.

Getting this all done is alot to manage and may require extra resources other than just you. IF you need outside help there are fulfilment partners out there to help you deliver your rewards right and on time.

Hooray! You did it!!


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