Let’s re-imagine what is possible in the fashion and textile industry. Together we can build a better future.

Not sure where to start? Advice, mentoring or strategy for your fashion brand is the best way to bring an idea into action.

RucheSet started as crowdfunding platform to offer a path for emerging design talent to test ideas and enter the market. However, this path also needs to be paved with good advice, which is why mentoring and strategy are crucial.

We now offer consulting services to established and emerging designer brands.

The name RucheSet is inspired by the Ruche of a garment when the fabric is gathered together for a beautiful effect.



The fashion industry is no longer just about art and commerce it is also about responsibility. We must strategically strike the right balance in product, marketing and retail to ensure customer loyalty and brand longevity. The fashion industry should inspire, drive innovation and bring new and better choices to consumers. Sustainability and responsible use of resources will ensure a sustainable business.


We offer consulting and strategy for Product Merchandising, E-commerce, Retail, Digital and Branding. Our approach starts with a holistic view and discovery to see where the most value can be added. Backed by industry experience, global networks, research and analysis. With specialist expertise in building global fashion brands and omnichannel retail businesses.  Make empowered decisions with our market research and trend forecasting. We offer tailored hands-on engagement and a collaborative approach to ensure the most suitable solution for your business needs.

You may be just beginning your journey or an established brand  Contact us now to get started. 


RucheSet can host and help you build a crowdfunding campaign. Democratic access to capital can allow new and innovative entrants into the fashion and textile industry and helps to legitimise the fundraising process. It’s also a great way to test your market and connect to your community.

Read more on our Values and Rules before you Launch a Campaign.



Claire Chan

Claire Chan Ruche Set

I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside our industries brightest minds and biggest hearts across the globe. The unlimited creativity and innovation in the face of limitations is part of what inspired RucheSet. I believe we can solve some of our times greatest challenges by channelling that creativity into new solutions and efficiency. At my core, I love product and I’ve worked across categories, departments and borders to bring the very best to market. My formative years were spent at Burberry, London under the helm of Angela Ahrendts. Working alongside some of the most brilliant people to bring luxury to digital. Following that, I moved to New York, DKNY for the LVMH backed re-brand, supercharged by a legendary design team. Now, in Sydney, I have built RucheSet as unique multi-service consulting and funding platform to reach a broader audience and bring people together. My experiences would be nothing without the colleagues and mentors many of whom became friends and family. The most significant thing I have learnt to date is that in order to achieve great things we need to do it together.


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